Prunes for weight loss: recipes and recommendations

According to scientists, if every day to eat 5 pieces of prunes, you can forget about problems with digestion. If 10 to about osteoporosis and occasional fractures. And if you arrange a fasting day and eat 30 — the intestines will be thoroughly cleansed of toxins, and the next morning you will lose 2-3 kg. in Spite of the calorie content of the fruits (100 g, has 231 calories), it has such a powerful laxative effect that is the staple of many diets and programs for weight loss. This contributes to the low glycemic index of 29.

However, for weight loss prunes need to be applied carefully, or it can relax the intestines, which then have to drink fixative preparations for several days.

The mechanism of weight loss


Prunes has laxatives and contribute to the formation of bile by the liver properties. It not only cleanses the intestines from a variety of organic waste, but also frees it from the bile duct, thereby facilitating the functioning of the liver. It accelerates the regeneration of blood cells, allowing more intensively begin to leak metabolic processes, including lipolysis. With proper nutrition and intense training it provides fast fat burning.

Accumulation of fluid in the tissues and cause swelling and excess weight at the same time. Prunes solves both problems, as it is a natural diuretic.

He is in a period of weight loss provides the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals. One of the main roles among them is potassium, which eliminates problems with heart and blood circulation, ensuring the smooth passage of the accelerated metabolism. According to nutritionists, reduced potassium in the blood serum, weight reduction is impossible.

Knowing the valuable properties of prunes, it is not necessary to buy laxatives and diuretic medicines to deal with body cleansing. 30 pieces is enough for effective weight loss add fasting day. Want great results — has entered its active application in the framework of any diet.

Note. Prunes contain more potassium than apples, which are considered the main source of this element.


Using prunes for weight loss, it is possible to simultaneously normalize the work of many organs and systems, as it has long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases. What we get as a nice bonus:

  • improved digestion;
  • prevention of osteoporosis by strengthening bones;
  • getting rid of constipation;
  • strength and elasticity of blood vessels, strengthening the heart muscle, normalizing the heart rate, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke;
  • elimination of edema, improvement of work of kidneys, removal from them of sand and harmful substances;
  • vision improvement;
  • enriching the body with vitamins, micro - and macro-elements, prevention of vitamin deficiency;
  • reducing the risk of Contracting angina, as prunes has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • slowing aging with antioxidants that bind free radicals;
  • a strengthened immune system;
  • the normalization of the nervous system: minimizing the ravages of stress, eliminate anxiety, irritability and insomnia;
  • for men, increased potency.

All this becomes possible due to the composition of the product: it contains all the known vitamins and a large number of mineral compounds and amino acids.

Besides all the above, it is believed that prunes helps to minimize the risk of formation of malignant tumors.


If you exceed the dosage and too fond of prunes, its laxative and diuretic properties can harm your health, first and foremost, hurt the stomach and kidneys. Therefore, it is important to observe the contraindications and keep in mind possible side effects.



  • diabetes mellitus;
  • lactation (may cause digestive upset in children);
  • obesity;
  • a tendency to diarrhea;
  • kidney stones and other serious diseases of this organ;
  • serious pathology of the liver, heart and blood;
  • individual intolerance;
  • hypotension;
  • gout.

Side effects:

  • spikes in blood sugar;
  • weight gain instead of weight loss;
  • the movement of stones that can cause them to rupture and severe pain;
  • aggravation of existing chronic diseases of the liver and heart and gout
  • allergic reactions;
  • disorders of stool and digestion, bloating, flatulence;
  • the pressure decrease.

Ways to lose weight


There is a special diet with prunes, which was developed by academician and a practicing surgeon, is known far outside Russia, F. G. Uglov. In it, he recommends meals strictly at a certain time is 9, 11, 14, 17 and 20. The basis of the diet:

  • 8 dried plums per day;
  • protein: eggs, chicken, lean pork, boiled fish;
  • hard cheese;
  • low-fat kefir and yogurt (their Angles recommends drinking half an hour before bedtime);
  • vegetables: preference for carrots and cabbage;
  • fruits: the best among them for this diet — oranges and apples;
  • drink only black tea or coffee in the morning, and allowed 1 tsp of sugar.

Sample menu for 1 day, which can make the diet for this diet:


The duration of the diet, which was described by Angles — 10 days. Due to a significant decrease in daily calorie intake and cleansing properties of dried fruits, there is a stable weight loss. During this time, you can lose 3 to 7 lbs. the Final result depends on the individual.

Among the advantages:

  1. diet compiled a doctor, the risks to health are minimized;
  2. start the process of weight loss, which is the background of training will get rid of the problem areas;
  3. budget savings;
  4. the simplicity of the dishes.

However, keep in mind and cons: monotonous diet and in 10 days have time to get bored, a high risk of failure. In addition, a laxative effect can seriously upset the chair.

Fasting day

  1. In the evening pour hot water 30 g dried plums.
  2. During the fasting day every 2 hours to eat 3 pieces and drink 200 ml of any herbal tea or unsweetened tea.
  3. In the evening half an hour before bedtime you can eat 150 ml natural yoghurt or drink 200 ml of 1.5% yogurt.
  4. During the day you should drink up to 3 liters of water.

Get ready for a powerful effect. But this way just a day you can lose up to 2 kg.

In addition to the diet, which was described by Angles and fasting days for weight loss you can eat 3-4 dried plums on a background of the right or low-calorie diet and exercise. However, it should lasts no more than 2 weeks. Then the body must rest and repeat the course only a month.


Prunes and raisins

Carefully rinse and mix the prunes with raisins (must be pitted) in equal proportions (150 g). Pour 0, 5 liters of boiling water. Boil for another 10 minutes. Cool. Press the dried fruit and can be eaten. But the main violin plays the beverage that you want to take 1 tbsp on an empty stomach every morning. The result — quality cleaning of the intestine, blood, kidneys and weight loss of 2-3 kg in a week.

This broth is ideal for weight loss men, since raisins are known for their ability to positively affect the potency and reproductive capacity.

Prunes and dried apricots

Dried plums, you need to take a little less than 100 grams, and more quantity of dried apricots — 200 g Cooking on the previous recipe, but increase the dosage to 100 ml in the morning.


This broth will be useful for those who have heart problems and anemia. Dried apricots in this case indispensable. In addition, it softens too aggressive laxative properties of prunes.

Dates and prunes

Preparation and dosage regimen is the same as for a recipe with raisins. The peculiarity of the broth that it is prescribed as a medicine in disorders of the digestive tract. Want to get rid of indigestion and large amounts of slag — the use for weight loss this recipe. Besides that the laxative effect will be enhanced.

Water with prunes

You can not use any other products, enough for 2 weeks, eat prunes, drenched with boiling water the night before. Any proportion, as long as the water covered him with the top 4-5 cm, because it is highly swelling. Except the dried fruits (up to 8 units a day), it is useful to drink the infusion after them in the morning on an empty stomach. It is important to observe the daily rate — not more than 200 ml, and provided that the prunes should be thoroughly washed before processing.

Note. Instead of boiling water you can use hot milk. The proportions of the scheme and weight loss persist.

Yogurt with prunes

8 well washed dried plums cut into halves or quarters, add 250 ml of 1.5% yogurt and mix in blender.

Smoothies, which includes prunes and yogurt, it's nutritious and at the same time powerful laxative. There are recommendations to drink it instead of dinner or just before bedtime, but in this case be prepared not to sleep and spend most of the night in the toilet. Much more useful is to replace Breakfast.

Note. Similar cocktail with aspect ratio can be prepared with milk instead of yogurt. In addition, it is allowed to add other dried fruits (raisins, apricots, dates), but with the condition that the number of dried plums will need to be reduced. Berries, nuts and fruit pieces are also acceptable in this recipe.

Cottage cheese with prunes

<Perfect Breakfast for weight loss. Simple to prepare, low calorie, cleans the intestines and provides energy for the whole day.


<150 g low-fat cottage cheese — 2-3 PCs filled with hot water, dried plums, you want to pre-chop. To vary the recipe berries and other dried fruit and 1 tsp of honey.

Oatmeal with prunes

Alternative to cottage cheese Breakfast — oatmeal with the addition of dried plums. These two products are perfectly combined with each other. The main useful property of this dish for a long period of saturation, which will allow for snacks to wait for lunch.

Recipe. In a deep Cup to pour 5 tbsp rolled oats 1 tsp. dried orange peel. To pour 150 ml of boiling water. Cover, leave for 5 minutes. Add 1 tbsp. of honey and 6-7 randomly chopped dried plums. Mix thoroughly. Sprinkle the top with chopped walnuts (no more than 3 cores).

Buckwheat with prunes

This dish can be used in the diet for any meal.

350 g buckwheat heat in the pan and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Leave to swell for a couple of hours under the hood. Separately to fry the chopped medium onion and 1 coarsely grated carrot. Sprinkle nutmeg and ground black pepper (not more than 5 g each). Add 5 chopped dried plums. Pour a small amount of water, simmer 10 minutes under the lid. Mix the resulting vegetables and buckwheat in a deep dish, pour water so that it stood 2-3 cm, keep on low heat until the buckwheat is tender.

A salad of beets and prunes

If someone believes a laxative effect of dried plums is insufficient for your intestines, you can use this recipe.


200 g of purified fresh beet to put on a large grater. 5 dried plums cut into strips. Crush a peeled clove of garlic. Mix the ingredients, season with lemon juice or 10% sour cream. If you can't do without salt, use only sea and in minimal quantities. Allowed chopped greens of coriander or parsley. Of seasonings you can add red or black pepper and coriander.

Questions and answers

Can I eat at night?

Doctors do not advise to do it as it can cause insomnia on the background of the laxative effect of the product. The best option is to use it in the morning. The only thing is to add a small amount of food for dinner (baked chicken with him, prepare it on the basis of a delicious sauce, add to salad, etc.). But remember that more than 3 units in the evening to eat is impossible.

How much can you eat?

Dried prunes do not harm health, if not to exceed the daily rate of 100 g. It's about 10-12 pieces. However, if you use it for the purpose of weight loss and cleansing daily, every 2 weeks need to take a break for about a month to restore the intestinal microflora. It will be useful in this interval to drink probiotics.

How to eat?

Wash thoroughly in several waters. 2-3 hours (or evening) pour hot water. In the first half of the day, in between meals. The perfect time — lunch or Breakfast.

How combined with medications?

While weight loss is best to defer taking any medicines. It is especially dangerous to combine with laxatives, medications, promotes the formation of bile by the liver and diuretics.

Effective and fast weight loss with prunes is due its cleansing properties. It is recommended for those who have the main cause of excess weight lies in the high content of toxins and the body and broken metabolism. If the fault of the hormonal or hereditary factors, the technique can be not only useless, but also to provoke complications in the kidneys and stomach. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.