The before and after photos weight loss inspiration and motivation

Of course, such a regime could not stand each, so it's important to pay attention to this psychological aspect of motivation for weight loss, which will help you not to fall and reach the goal.

weight loss before and after

Detail goals for motivation

Many girls wanting to get rid of excess weight, give up halfway, because they have a vague idea of what they want. This is one of the most common mistakes. Only by understanding why you lose weight, you can achieve real results.

As motivation can serve the following purposes:

  • To lose weight to fit into your favorite jeans.
  • To attract the attention of the opposite sex.
  • To return to the previous shape after pregnancy.l
  • To get into a beautiful dress for the upcoming important date, for example, graduation at your school, wedding or birthday.

Once you set a goal, try it as detailing. For example, you can draw the outline of the figure, and Vice versa – kankuro shape once you lose those extra pounds.

A common mistake girls is that they set themselves challenging goals and worried, and before reaching the coveted finish. For example, to lose 15 kg weight 75 kg for 1-2 week. Of course, in this case, threatens to collide with premature gathering in the distance.

The goal must be realistic. To do this, you should consult with a nutritionist, which is exactly what will a diet based on individual characteristics losing weight. Also with maximum precision specialist to note, if you can achieve the desired results.

Health is an important stimulus for weight loss

First of all, you must come to the understanding that because of the excess weight significantly worsens health. As a result of eating unlimited amounts of sweets, bakery products, fatty and fried foods are observed the following effects:

  • Occurring load on such vital organs as the stomach, liver, heart.
  • High probability to become owner of a bunch of diseases, including diabetes and hormonal disorders.
  • There is a risk of heart attack and other pathologies and dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system.

As soon as the unnecessary fat stores go, this in turn will allow you to get rid of excessive sweating, palpitations, edema.

Control of success – a way not to break

Sitting on a diet or doing sports, you should have a separate Notepad (will fit even a mini-diary) to record the results of daily weighing and measuring of such parts of the body like the waist and hips. One of the model parameters — the size of Breasts.

As soon as the values become large, for example, the balance appeared the coveted "minus 3 kilograms" is to encourage yourself with a small gift. What could be the last?! Of course, this is not buying junk food, and pleasant for any girl things, shoes, dresses, jewelry. In addition, not be amiss "to reprimand" for eaten ice cream or an Eclair. Be ourselves sincere and honest, because it is a prerequisite on the path to harmony.

Fitness trainer – help in losing weight

Another option to motivate yourself to lose weight is to purchase a subscription to a good fitness club. The cost is not cheap, so for the sake of understanding that the money paid is not in vain, will have to attend classes and do the exercises diligently. Subsequently, when the body becomes accustomed to regular physical exercise and the results will be visually noticeable, it can become a habit and be fun.

The before and after photos weight loss inspiration and motivation

Someone regaining perfect shape, dropping 5-10 kg, and someone – from 40 kg. These results are striking and well-motivated. Similar stories — it is also a great opportunity to get important tips in the area of weight loss. The one who alone has passed this difficult path, can teach you a lot.


To the extra pounds "melted" in the eyes, it is important to adjust the diet, removing harmful meals.

Become the owner of beautiful forms will allow, swimming in the pool, classes at the gym and dancing.

Often women who were sitting on different diets, record the results.

3 simple motivation for weight loss

There are 3 ways that motivate and allow you not to break in the process of losing weight:

  • To paint the dignity of gaining a slim figure. On a sheet of paper to write the pros weight loss. It can be such phrases as: I'm self-confident and get rid of complexes, caused by the presence of excess weight; I swim in men's attention; I look terrible; I'll get rid of shortness of breath; I can easily wear high-heel shoes. Self-hypnosis really works wonders, and you can verify this personally.
  • To communicate with like-minded people. Currently in social networks there are many groups. Joining them is a great opportunity to discuss pressing issues about weight loss with the people for whom they are relevant. The same can be done on the discussion forums. If someone loses weight faster than you, call the sports spirit, and try to beat the "opponent."
  • Keep in mind the pictures where you are in a normal weight for myself. Just the desire to "lose some weight" won't work, and if all the time to look at the picture, which you yourself really like, it will be much easier to achieve the goal. Believe me, a clear vision of the result — the guarantee of success! You can also select the network pictures body girls or stars of your dreams. They will help not to forget what kind of results you are aiming for.

Motivating movies about losing weight

You can list dozens of paintings, in which the main characters were able to achieve their goal — to get rid of excess weight. If you need it, it really is inspired to feel a surge of strength will allow the following motivating movies about weight loss:

  • School for fatties. Heroine think they are in great shape, so don't restrain yourself and eat junk food. They rapidly get fat, and men in time lose interest in them. Soon comes the understanding, that so to live it is impossible and, through his efforts, they find beauty and harmony, leaving behind all the obstacles.
  • The mirror has two faces. In this film Gregory rose for the beloved is transformed and relieve excess weight. Already with the new way, including perfect forms, she manages to win his heart and understand how their feelings are strong.
  • Fast food nation. The picture motivates to eliminate from the diet of harmful foods and to give preference to useful products. In the modern world, despite the fact that fast food is popular, it is of no benefit, but only disfigures the shape.
the fight against junk food

There are a number of films which make it clear that it is not necessary to dwell much on losing weight, because it can lead to irreparable consequences. It will be useful to look at paintings such as:

  • Ideal figure.
  • Hunger.
  • Dance is more than life.

To learn a lot of useful information about weight loss, dangers of eating a particular food and allow a variety of TV shows and shows. Among their number:

  • Thin world thick.
  • To lose weight to death.
  • Caution: the food!
  • I'm losing weight.
  • Deadly food.
  • A double portion.

To approach the issue of getting rid of extra pounds must be careful not to harm their health.

The psychology of weight loss: motivation

According to psychologists, a person who wants to lose weight, can not achieve the goal without the personal-psychological changes. For example, many girls alone to convince myself that they looked awful, so completely stops for a monitor, seizing all the problems. So, it is very important to raise their self-esteem and get out of the "thick" of the shell:

If you need to lose 20 or more pounds, you need psychological training, which will strengthen the will power and confidence to say "No" to all temptations. It is believed that an effective way to work on your inner and outer appearance – it is yoga.

To deal with life's difficulties is not easy, so you can refer to the psychologist, who will help to solve their internal problems. This will be an important step to achieve the goals and strengthen motivation.