TOP best smoothie recipes for weight loss homemade

Nutritionists actively encourage at home to cook a variety of cocktails for weight loss on the background of the days of fasting and hunger strikes. They promote weight loss, help to curb the appetite, nourish the body with essential substances. They love to include in your diet sportsmen as they benefit when you are working out, keeping muscle mass and turning fat folds in a beautiful and elastic shape. With all this — they have excellent taste.

The principle of operation

the principle of operation

Regardless of their composition and purpose, almost all weight loss smoothies work according to one scheme:

their low caloric content allows you to postpone the fats in reserve, and fully use of energy, admitted drink;

they are prepared exclusively from fresh and healthy products filled with vitamins and minerals: fruit, vegetables, herbs, berries, grains, proteins, etc.;

liquid, airy texture (a cocktail whipped in a blender) reduces the volume of portions, although visually it may seem big enough;

quick and long-term saturation due to the presence of fiber does not suffer from hunger;

vitamin and protein composition accelerates metabolism, including lipolysis;

that burn fat ingredients (ginger, citrus and t.. d) allow to dissolve unnecessary substances on the problem areas quickly and without residue;

the majority are sources of additional energy, which gives a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day;

if they replace one full meals (usually do that with Breakfast or dinner), you will significantly reduce the daily caloric content of your diet.

The great advantage of homemade smoothies is that they can prepare from natural ingredients with no added synthetics and chemicals. So, sports protein beverages, which are sold in specialized stores, probably more efficient, but that doesn't mean they are useful. They contain preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers, about the harmfulness of which everyone knows.


To lose weight with these unique drinks, we need to understand what they are, and the right to choose for themselves the appropriate recipe.

That burn fat

Most popular diet are fat-burning smoothies that can be easily made at home from spices (cinnamon, ginger), citrus (lemon, grapefruit), herbs (mint, parsley, celery, spinach). Their task — the replacement of heavy meals, increase metabolism and lipolysis, destruction of fat.

We give the top 10 such drinks:

  • cinnamon and Apple;
  • honey, lemon;
  • green: mint, parsley, kiwi, lemon;
  • yogurt with cinnamon;
  • grapefruit and honey;
  • cinnamon, honey, Apple cider vinegar;
  • Apple, carrot, ginger, lemon;
  • ginger, cinnamon, pepper, yogurt;
  • ginger garlic;
  • lemon, kiwi, cinnamon, ginger.

As can be seen from the Top, fruity (mainly citrus) beverages and spices — the most popular in this niche.

Usually the use of chicory drink on an empty stomach half an hour before main meal or in between meals, when the acute feeling of hunger. In the absence of physical activity and sports are completely useless. The most effective on the background diet, or at least proper nutrition.


At home easy to cook and low calorie cocktails. Their main task — satisfaction of hunger, the average daily calories consumed food.

Can be prepared from the following ingredients (in parentheses indicate the calories per 100 grams. product):

parsley (49), asparagus (21), celery (13), spinach (22), mint (49);

cucumbers (15), broccoli (34), carrots (32), tomato (20);

melon (35), watermelon (27);

grapefruit (35), lemon (34), kiwi fruit (47), oranges (43);

cranberries (46), gooseberry (45), strawberry (41), black currant (44);

low-fat dairy products: yogurt (35), cottage cheese (71), milk (31), yogurt (31);

pepper (red ground — 21).

If included in products, the calorie content of more than 100 kcal per 100 g, dietary drinks can not be called. Although they can be used for weight loss because in their effect they can be aimed at reducing fat, or reducing appetite.

Diet smoothies it is best to replace one of the meals — Breakfast or dinner.

Satisfies hunger

There are a number of products that perfectly reduce hunger and suppress appetite. If you regularly make cocktails out of them and eat them between meals, any diet will move much easier.

So feel free to mix in a blender:

  • grapefruits, pineapples, green apples, oranges, bananas;
  • carrots, pumpkin, legumes (beans, lentils, peas), leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli;
  • cheese;
  • dark chocolate, cocoa powder, coffee;
  • oatmeal, bran;
  • dried fruits (but note that they are quite high in calories);
  • nuts.

These drinks are Packed with fiber, which tends to increase in size in the stomach and create a false sense of its fullness. Brain receptors receive signals that place to new food there, and it means there is not time.


In a separate group can be distinguished soy smoothies, which also contribute to quick and quality weight loss. They form the basis of sports nutrition and they can be easily made at home. The main thing — to find soy milk. It can be mixed with any which reduce the amount of body fat and contains few calories products.


Effect on the body — the most versatile:

  • decreased appetite;
  • maintained muscle mass;
  • increases the metabolism;
  • improves health, eliminates the heaviness in the intestines;
  • removal of cellulite, creates muscle definition;
  • increased stress resistance of the organism;
  • mood;
  • stabiliziruemost emotional background.
  • Soy shakes are particularly useful for weight loss due to intensive workouts. So they love the athletes. They contribute to the formation of muscle mass and increase endurance under heavy physical exertion.


Perhaps the most famous and popular cocktails for weight loss — protein (other names — protein, dairy). They accelerate metabolism, increase calorie expenditure, are digested slowly, retain muscle mass, improve performance during exercise.

Have a number of contraindications: individual intolerance of protein, the pathology of the liver, kidneys, bladder, heart problems, diabetes, pregnancy.

Regimens may be different:

  • replace cocktail 2 main meals or 1;
  • drink in between meals (lunch and afternoon tea);
  • half an hour before training and in the same time after it;
  • only in the morning for Breakfast after my run.

The composition should be present or any low-fat dairy products or egg protein or soya, or seafood (the best option is shrimp).

Diuretics and laxatives cocktails much less. And still, choosing for their preparation beets, cucumber, watermelon, melon, keep in mind about this effect. So, they will work on losing weight, but you will not lose fats, and harmful substances and excess fluid.

Useful tips

useful recommendations

To properly prepare truly effective weight loss smoothies, you need to know some useful nuances.


Replace beverage: Breakfast / lunch / dinner / Breakfast and lunch / Breakfast and dinner / lunch, and dinner. Often used instead of the dinner to the fat reserves had not been postponed for the night.

To drink instead of lunch and snack: you can replace them both a snack, and only one of them.

Apply them only at night (hour before bedtime).

To replace one of the any food for lunch.

Half an hour before training and in the same time after it (as well as soy protein shakes).

Half an hour before main meals (1 to 3 times a day).

Application rules

Select for weight loss only one regimen of cocktails and stick to it throughout the period of their application. Don't combine them with each other.

If this drink replaces a full meal, you can combine them with bread from whole grains or a handful of nuts.

To build muscle you need weight training to strengthen against the use of protein shakes. If you do not to such a goal, choose a diet or fat burning and enable easy (aerobic) exercise.

Do not drink in one gulp. Take small SIPS, enjoy the process, to experience maximum pleasure. Stretch it will help the special cocktail of the tube.

During the first weeks please enter in the diet only 1 glass of cocktail. If reaction is normal, the side effects (digestive disorders or skin rashes) don't show up, can drink 2 cups a day.

To achieve maximum effect in weight loss be sure to limit the intake of harmful products that sit on a diet, stick to a healthy lifestyle.

If within 2 weeks of drinking smoothies results of weight loss will be imperceptible, then it is not your way of getting rid of extra pounds. Will have to find something else.

In many recipes as an ingredient specified med. Still, do not forget that it's sweet, though, and natural. Want to lose weight — refrain from him.

The cooking process


For drinks you need a blender (blender, shaker). He makes them the consistency of air, stretching the molecular bonds that reduces the actual amount of the portions with increasing visual.

For weighing ingredients, use a measuring scale, so as not to waste more food than is supposed.

Dairy products should be low fat or with minimal fat content.

Fruits, vegetables, berries — it is better fresh, not frozen or canned.

Eggs either boiled or used fresh (only if you are confident in their quality).

After each use, wash the blender to the remains of the components in it are not deteriorated.

Do drink 1 serving to drink them immediately.

Scheme of the preparation:

  • first grind the ingredients diced;
  • then add to blender specified in the recipe liquid;
  • mix 1-2 minutes, until the surface foam is formed;
  • dilute with water (if required by recipe);
  • pour into a glass.

To make a cocktail at home can be difficult only the first time. The taste of the drink you will understand where they made mistakes in the proportions or the time of whipping in the blender. The next time you just make adjustments and enjoy the results for the entire course of losing weight.