The options of fasting days for weight loss

In the process of weight loss special attention should be paid to cleansing of the body. Short-time cleaning greatly eases the burden on all the organs and vital systems, adjusts metabolic processes, helps to remove accumulated excess fluid. Simply put, fasting days will help the body to come back from a stressful to a normal state.

Choosing the right method of purification will enable the restart of the organs of the cardiovascular system, digestive and excretory systems. If you correctly arrange fasting days, can in a short time to lose a few extra pounds, improve skin condition, hair, nails, feel the rush of energy and lightness throughout the body.

How to do fasting days

how to do fasting days

Ways of cleansing the body through fasting days are many, from the most severe to more mild, and finally, safe and beneficial. Many people familiar with kefir diet, some tried to arrange fasting days on the cottage cheese, apples, smoothies with berries or cucumbers. But how does the principle of fasting days, and how not to hurt yourself this diet? For starters, you need to understand the specifics of this kind of Express cleaning of the body.

Features and rules handling days:

  • A smooth transition - before and after fasting days you can not eat heavy and greasy foods in large amounts;
  • The daily energy value - 400-1000 calories;
  • Fruit can eat up to 2 kg of protein - 700 g;
  • The daily intake of water of two liters;
  • The power is a fraction - 5-6 times a day, every two hours;
  • In between meals you can eat to suppress feelings of hunger;
  • The duration of sleep at least nine hours a day;
  • To give your body a rest - to exclude physical activity in the fasting day;
  • Cleaning of inside and outside is to this day a course of massage, a Spa treatment or relax in the bath.

This files most often on fasting days I remember after the occurrence of a feeling of heaviness in the result of systematic overeating after a hearty holiday meals or detoxification in the lungs result of food poisoning. In these cases, the purpose of mono-mode is to facilitate the work of digestion and easy weight loss by getting rid of ballast substances - up to 3, 5 pounds.

However, to clear the body should not only after violations of a normal diet, this should be done periodically to improve the work of all vital systems. Fasting days you can arrange a 2 to 4 times a month. This weekend, for the stomach will help to regularly take the accumulated toxins, support the body in good shape.

How best to choose the option handling of the day? First and foremost, you should take into account characteristics of the organism, possible intolerances and have to take into account personal preferences, to feel comfortable, and not falling at the finish.


the use of fasting days

Fasting days are designed to help the body to relax, to restart all the functions and systems, and most importantly - clean. If a person decides on a drastic curtailment of the diet during the day, he is sure to achieve positive results. Goals diet day can be several.

A health benefit from fasting days depends on the designated purpose:

  • cleansing during the execution of the normal power mode;
  • in the active period of weight loss to combat the effect of the plateau (stop of weight loss);
  • before or after the diet;
  • purposefully for the purification of the walls of the digestive system and excretion;
  • to exercise willpower.

Whatever the purpose of fast, mono-diet, in the period of its execution, all forces of the body directed to processing only one product, and it significantly eases the burden on the digestive organs.

The benefits and effect of diet on the clock is expressed as follows:

  • prevention of diseases of a liver, buds;
  • the struggle with feeling of heaviness;
  • normalization of metabolic processes;
  • the improvement of the skin;
  • removal of visible signs of allergies;
  • a sense of lightness and vivacity.

If you conduct a cleanse at least once a week, a few months of such a regime can say goodbye to extra weight while maintaining normal diet on other days. Most importantly, to have the right product, adhere to the basic rules of the regime, and not to abuse it.

You can do fasting days pregnant?

Fasting days for pregnant women allowed. They are appointed by the doctor after 28 weeks of pregnancy to prevent complications or illness.

Often fasting day can recommend to pregnant women who have diabetes, allergies, acute or chronic diseases of kidneys, stomach, liver. Day mode helps expectant mothers with health problems, not resorting to long-term food restrictions, can harm the developing fetus.

In addition, pregnant discharge day will be marked by a decrease of swelling, which is often faced by expectant mothers.

Another reason expectant mothers are assigned a series of days of fasting is the struggle with obesity that developed before pregnancy. In this case, measures are not aimed at weight loss and weight control.

However, self-treatment may not only benefit, but also seriously harm a pregnant woman and the fetus, therefore, the method of discharge, duration and frequency should be adjusted by the physician taking into account all the features of the mother's body.

Fasting days for pregnant women should cut the daily nutritional value, but should not be hungry. Often, in these cases we are talking about a fruit, vegetable, meat, dairy and fish fasting days.

The options of fasting days for weight loss

the options of fasting days for weight loss

A day diet for weight loss can be categorized by products. The choice of fasting days quite rich in: protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, liquid meals, and even dark chocolate.

What products to pick up for the fasting days?

  • fruits - Apple, orange, banana;
  • vegetables - cucumber, carrots;
  • berries - watermelon, assorted;
  • juices;
  • chicken;
  • fish;
  • yogurt;
  • cheese;
  • cheese;
  • soups;
  • bran;
  • Fig;
  • Greek;
  • oatmeal;
  • tea with milk;
  • dark chocolate - 72% and above.

By selecting one most suitable to the taste of the food, it's easy to spend the fasting day not only rewarding but a pleasure. You can also arrange a combined daily diet one or two times a week is a much easier process.


Fasting day on kefir nourishes the body with proteins and calcium, cleanses the digestive tract, normalizes microflora of the stomach and intestines. The choice of this diet will surely bring benefits not only for weight loss, but also subject to the normal power mode.

For effective detox and slimming enough six times a day drink 250 ml of yogurt. Supplement fasting day periodic application of water and infusion of rose hips. Other products excluded from the menu. From the active sessions on this day should be abandoned.

1 day on yogurt and apples

1 day diet kefir and apples also brings good results quick weight loss, cleansing, draining and restarting the body.

Why is this mono-diet is useful? The fact that the proteins in dairy products saturate the body, while apples cleanse. According to the rules of diet, yogurt should be low-fat, for example, one percent. Apples it is advisable to choose savory, but not too sour. Green apples are perfect for this purpose. Consumption of yogurt per day can reach up to 2 liters, and the number of apples must not exceed 2 kg. to perform the unloading correctly, you need to remember the necessary two liters of water a day. How to combine the two products in a cleanse?

You can eat according to the following scheme:

  • Breakfast - a glass of kefir;
  • At lunchtime - a Cup of yogurt and 2 apples;
  • The afternoon tea glass of yogurt with pieces of Apple and one baked Apple eaten completely;
  • Dinner - an Apple and a glass of kefir;
  • Before sleep - a glass of buttermilk.

Another option is the combination of products that will bring no less effective for weight loss:

  • All the apples bake, divide into portions and use them all day;
  • Kefir to drink in the intervals between meals of apples.

Important: such fasting days need to be careful of people who suffer from ulcerative diseases of stomach and duodenum. They should give preference to baked apples. The effectiveness of the discharge from this is almost not reduced. Beginners are allowed relief in the form of two teaspoons of honey per day.

On apples

fasting day on apples

Fasting day on apples once a week will also help cleanse the body and effectively lose weight. To spend fasting on apples, it is easy, you only need to stock two kilos of apples and two liters of water. You can Supplement diet green tea.

Apples can be baked, grate, add honey or cinnamon. By choosing the method of preparation and application, it is necessary to divide the product into six portions. Each portion need to drink plenty of water or tea.

Important: if hypotension green tea is better not to apply.

Yogurt and cottage cheese

In order to lose weight and not hurt yourself, once is enough in a week to arrange fasting day on cheese and yogurt. Foods full of protein, so it will support the body in times of starvation.

The amount of cheese for an effective weight loss can be up to 600 g per day. It is better to divide the cheese in equal portions and use it in 6 stages. To choose the right cheese for the discharge day will help the value of the fat content of 1-2%.

If you add in the diet for weight loss kefir, you can stock up on 1 liter of fermented milk product. In this case, the weight of the curd will be reduced to 300 gr. Products are divided into six equal portions and consumed every two hours. Water is applied within 30 minutes before and after meals.

Recipes days for handling cottage cheese contain the bran soaked in water.
Cheese you can add honey, raisins, berries, greens. Casserole, cheesecakes, puddings, cottage cheese variety of tasty and healthy diet which is easy to maintain one day a week.

Buckwheat and kefir

The benefits of this method of unloading the body is undeniable. Dairy product will saturate the body proteins, buckwheat to provide vitamins and minerals, in addition, cleans the walls of digestive organs and have a beneficial effect on the kidneys and the urinary system.

How to lose weight on buckwheat and kefir? Buckwheat in the amount of 250 grams, you need to pour a glass of boiling water overnight, wrap with a towel and put in warm. Morning porridge divide into 4 portions, each of which can be poured or washed down with buttermilk to two cups. Water is also need to drink regularly throughout the day. Important: the porridge not to add salt and spices.

On rice

Fasting day on rice treat enriched carbohydrate diet. Rice gives a feeling of satiety and helps to lose weight. A day diet the rules do not forbid to add to the rice, greens, vegetables, yogurt, which greatly diversifies the menu of losing weight. Preferably, choose brown rice. The efficiency of purification and benefit to the body from it is higher than from other varieties of this crop.

Faster to lose weight help Cup tea for weight loss with a slight laxative effect. This will help to reduce the impact of clips of rice.

Recipe of brown rice to the diet:

  • one Cup of washed rice soak in water overnight;
  • cook soaked rice in 0, 5 liters of water.

Another recipe suggests cooking the rice in two stages: cooked cereal for a few minutes, replaced by a new one, and is brewed at a low temperature until tender.

A more complex recipe diet advises four days to stand the rice in the water, replacing it every day for fresh. Soaked ear will be better to clean the body of toxins. Rice, like buckwheat, rule of spices is still in force.

The cereal

fasting day on oatmeal

Oatmeal is considered one of the main herbs for weight loss. Fasting day on oatmeal help to lose weight up to 1.5 kg.

Recipe cleansing oatmeal: To 600 ml of water will need a glass of oatmeal. To cook porridge takes about five minutes, then cover it and allow to absorb the remaining water. After that, divide the porridge into 5 parts. You can sweeten the oatmeal with raisins, apples savory varieties, different berries. In diet to include green tea. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

For fasting days it is better to choose the kind of oatmeal, in which on the package cooking time 15-20 minutes. This is the most useful product, is not subjected to serious temperatures, and which retains the most useful properties.