How to lose weight correctly and effectively

How to lose weight correctly and effectively

How to lose weight correctly and effectively? The diet was nourishing, tasty and varied. And while the extra weight was gone quickly and forever forgotten the way back to your beautiful body. This might surprise you, but eating right is only 50 % success in gaining the desired shapes. What other factors affect a difficult process?

We went around the pitfalls of weight loss

Be sure to do measurements in the morning. Throughout the day body weight change: low this morning, in the evening increases. You'll get an accurate result if you always weigh at the same time (preferably upon waking). Remember that in the premenstrual period, the body accumulates water, which causes swelling.

Keep your intestines in good shape. Those who adhere to low-calorie diets often suffer from constipation. To prevent this problem, before each meal drink a glass of still water or green tea. Eat more fruits, berries and vegetables.

Don't blame yourself for the gained weight. Any incident has a cause and effect. The important thing is not what it used to be, and what are you doing now to correct the problem.

Without an integrated approach, even the most balanced diet will not bring you the desired result.

Proper weight loss = an integrated approach

It is difficult to imagine a proper weight loss without physical activity. The result in this case is relative — just from one weight category you are, at best, will go smoothly in the other, because to give shapes and tone the relief and tighten the skin without sports, unfortunately, unrealistic. But even if you dutifully followed the instructions of a nutritionist and fitness trainer, with no work on their mental attitudes to keep you had reached perfection will be difficult (if even possible).

Many psychologists claim that the root of food addiction howling in dislike of your body. Most of us interested: what it is, our body what he really needs? We just want to do it the way we want, to fit your own (or someone else's) idea of beauty. Meanwhile, to get pleasure from your body allows physical activity: favorite sport, long walks and so on. Do what you love to do, but was hesitant because of dissatisfaction. If you see that you get what your body listen — respect for him will increase.

To the problem of getting rid of excess weight must be approached comprehensively. Work in three areas: adjustment of diet, exercise, positive self-installation. This approach is very effective, and hated the fat will remain absolutely no chance! Dropped pounds you will leave and not come back — not five, or fifty.

But the confidence will remain forever, because work never goes unnoticed.

Effective weight loss begins in the mind

Effective weight loss begins in the mind

Our body controls the mind, not Vice versa. And until you put things in order in own head, disruption in the diet to avoid unlikely. Psychologists are major causes of overeating.

Sweet therapy. Stress eating cakes and chocolate, you may get relief. But not for long. Better fill life not related to food positive. A morning jog in the Park or a good shopping can save you from the gloom

Imposed stereotypes. The weight loss industry is a very lucrative business. Here the mass media and impose on us the image of anemic young ladies with underdeveloped figure of a teenager. What do you care? A few decades ago, the canons of beauty are radically different from today's, and now, many cultures raise resilient chasers here. A single standard does not exist! Seek not to be like all honour your individuality!

Uncertainty. Sometimes excess weight indicates... the disbelief in his hand. Gaining weight, we expand the zone of your personal space, Spoil your body, such as massage and pedicures — taking care of the body, we begin to love him and become more confident.

The memory of the body. Proved at the genetic level, our physical "I" carries information of four generations. The sad experience of the ancestors who have been hunger and deprivation can affect us, making us to eat too much, even if in real life, fasting was not necessary.

More haste, less speed

A healthy rate of weight loss is 0.5 to 1kg a week. Process you cannot force it, otherwise you risk to get health problems. A very important and correct diet. Lose weight you to burn fat, but the cells in which they accumulate, remain. And if after a course of weight loss you'll return to the usual way of eating, it will soon again get the same weight. The body doesn't like to lose energy reserves and replenish them at every opportunity. There is only one way to avoid this trap, the specified effect yo-yo: don't go back to old size portions, because during dieting your stomach used to less food consumed. Better take care of it, eat slowly and chew more thoroughly.

Fighting with the appetite

Fighting with the appetite

Forbidden fruit is sweet — all who constantly adhere to the diet, you know it better than others. How to beat cravings for harmful sweets?

As a rule, cause appetite is tasty, but unhealthy, high-calorie foods.

And wean yourself from them is not so easy. Efforts to re-appetite somewhat similar to a struggle with alcohol or nicotine dependence. For a start, try to leave the store without the desired product, but always found him a useful replacement (for example, if a muffin by replacing its breads with honey). Of course, the first step you have to hard, probably will be failures. But after a month your desire for culinary temptations, and the taste of them useful substitutes will become your favorite.

Another way of pacifying the appetite to eat a favorite food you up. The next day, observe moderation in food, and then sit on a diet. It is advisable to do this after 24 hours of fasting (allowed water and green tea with honey). Psychologists say that for the formation of new habits required 21 days. And the surplus made on the eve of you as possible will reinforce this habit.

Useful dietary tips

Stop beating yourself up for failures in diet or skipping trainings: most of the girls admit that they have achieved results through trial and error.

Avoid hard constraints — no need to exclude from your menu is absolutely all you favorite Goodies. Nutritionists believe that it is better once a week to treat yourself to a small slice of homemade cake (harm for the waist will not do) than in a fit of depression to eat a store-bought cake. Take advantage of our tips and dieting process will go a lot more fun, and will delight you with beautiful results.

Clean space! When the shelves at you "look" chips, salted nuts and sweet biscuits, it's hard to resist the temptation. To get rid of all these harmful agents provocateurs, and in a prominent place to determine muesli, yogurt, vegetables and grain bread — now they are best friends with your figure!

Find incentive. Remember an anecdote: the condemned is seated on the electric chair, and it does not fit. Penalty aside, strictly ordering him to lose weight. However, after a month it turns out he's... recovered. The poor give us another month-and he ceases to go in the door. "What are you not losing weight?" -ask. "The incentive is not enough..." of Course, the penalty does not threaten you, but if you have unresolved psychological problems, any drastic changes in your life subconsciously associated with danger. That is why the "obvious" incentives (beauty, health) do not always work. If that is the case, dig deeper. Perhaps, to keep in shape will help dream?

Start today! Trust me, you belong to all days of the week, and Monday is no better than any of them. Whatever you have planned — a new anti-cellulite program, diet, going to fitness club — don't put off until tomorrow, until Monday, until the next life. You're losing weight for yourself, not for "that guy", and therefore responsible only to themselves. Self-deception is the main enemy of any undertaking. Be objective!

Eating in a bikini

Eat in a bikini. One of the Hollywood actress in an interview has shared his secret harmony: Hollywood diva dinner... naked. "It helps me just to resist the temptation to eat an extra slice", — says the actress. If this eccentricity is not for you, I make it a rule to sit at the table not in a shapeless housecoat, and a cute top and tight shorts: flattering clothes will certainly help you to stop in time.

The remainder — not sweet! If you want to reach your ideal weight have to rethink some bad habits. To finish everything to the last crumb not necessarily need to stay in the moment when you'll feel well-fed. And no need to get out of the bag last five almond nuts — if you're going to eat, leave a treat for tomorrow.

Don't make a cult out of food! Stop to take food as a reward or a cure for trouble. Teach yourself that it's just a way to necessary for good nutrition. Believe me, all these cakes, pickled cucumbers, smoked there is nothing good for your body. When the hand reaches for the chocolate, make yourself a "replacement therapy" -walk a little down the hall, drink some water, admire a view or make a slideshow of your favorite photos on the computer. Trust me, these simple techniques are very effective! Do consciously! During fitness you're such a dreamer: a clear focus on the exercise that you are doing now. Feel the tension and relaxation of the muscles, imagine the area you are training, becoming more taut. Scientists have proved: in such a conscious approach to sports training, their effectiveness is increased by 20 %.

Now that you know how to lose weight correctly and effectively, it is small! You just have to start, and the result will not keep you waiting too long! Success and slim curvy figure!