How can you lose 7 kg in a week

Bringing your figure back to normal, achieving the desired result by removing extra pounds on certain parts of the body is not an easy task.

Although many sources are full of various diet recipes, they are only suitable for an individual basis and are not always helpful for our bodies.

slim body after losing 7 kg a week

Often, through trial and error, combining multiple systems, it is possible to find the right one for you. I would also like to mention that the guarantee of the effectiveness of any of them is not only the exclusion of any products from the menu, but also necessarily - the practice of sports.

Rules and notices

Doctors do not advise the use of diets that lead to premature loss of excess weight and argue that losing seven pounds a week will negatively affect your well-being and your body's internal processes. However, one can argue against this and prove otherwise.

To get the desired effect, you must strictly follow all the instructions specified in the article.

The main advice is to listen to your body and monitor your condition.

In some situations, it is still necessary to expand the diet and deviate from the main menu, as everything is individual, and refusing familiar foods is a significant stress on the body.

  • The first step is to exclude from your menu all high-calorie and fatty foods: sweets, baked goods, instant foods, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages;
  • It is necessary to strictly limit the consumption of table salt, which slows down the process of removing sugar and water from the body. The same applies to spices and spices;
  • Divide your meals into small snacks five times a day at a set time. Thus, the body will feel satisfied and will quickly deal with the consumed food. Of course, it is not recommended to eat after 6pm;
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  • Eliminate high-calorie fruits from your diet: mango, grape, banana;
  • The amount of water consumed per day should be at least two to three liters, but not once or twice, but whenever possible two hundred to three hundred milliliters;
  • As already indicated, diet is stressful for the human body, so you should not resort to it more than once or twice a month;
  • Physical activity is necessary, but if you're going to lose seven pounds in a week, you shouldn't exercise too hard;
  • It is necessary to complete the diet little by little so that there are no interruptions in the body and the lost weight is not regained;
  • No diet should be accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger;
  • The menu must be balanced;
  • The main methods of preparing food are steaming or boiling. Fried foods must be discarded;
  • Eat seafood, soy and mushrooms as often as possible.
  • Whichever method of losing weight you use, you still need to know some caveats that apply in all cases:

  • Rapid weight loss is categorically inappropriate for pregnant and lactating women;
  • Most diets are contraindicated for people with severe diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and who suffer from diabetes mellitus;
  • If you are taking medications, you need to make sure they are food-compatible;
  • The body's increased tendency to food allergies is a serious reason for refusing to lose weight quickly.
  • General Tips for Fast Weight Loss at Home

    If you observe some tips, you will be able to control your body weight without sacrifices and difficulties. And the rules are pretty simple:

    • Before each meal, drink a glass or two of water, so the feeling of fullness will appear much faster than if you absorb a large amount of food. Before going to a cafe or guests in thirty minutes, also drink a glass of water. This method will not only reduce the amount of food consumed, it will also speed up the process of removing stagnant fluid from the body;
    • In the menu, include more meals containing fiber: oats, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, rice, bran, almonds. These foods are low in calories and fill the stomach, reducing hunger for a long time;
    • You need to control your meals, exercise and water intake. Keep a diary in which you make notes about these points, so you can track down the cause of excess weight and eliminate it easily;
    • Increase your intake of fresh fruit, wash, chop into large salad bowls, drizzle with freshly squeezed lemon juice. When hunger strikes, take it out and eat it. This way, you will enrich your body not only with vitamins but also with fiber;
    • Diet broths and soups cooked over them will also charge you energy and strength for most of the day;
    • When eating, don't be in a hurry, chew your food well, so as not only not to choke, but also not to overeat, as the body's saturation signal reaches our brain about half an hour late;
    • No mayonnaise, chips, chocolate or french fries;
    • Go to bed early so there will be no opportunity to eat at night, which is very harmful.

    Mono diets: less 7 kg per week

    There are many systems and techniques through which you can bring your figure back to normal. One is the mono diet.

    It consists in the fact that for a certain period of time you only consume one product, it is not chosen arbitrarily, but according to certain requirements.

    Cucumbers should consume this vegetable throughout the week. This weight loss option allows you not only to achieve your main goal, but also to clean the digestive system. Because this vegetable is made up almost entirely of water, it contains no calories.

    You can add a piece of rye bread to the cucumbers, but once a day, and season your salad with oil. And in the evening, a fresh apple is allowed for dessert.


    The mono kefir diet is the most difficult diet. After all, it is very difficult to drink only liquid fermented milk all the time.

    Some nutritionists advise using just two or three days of kefir in a weekly marathon, the rest of the days eating a kilo of fresh fruit and starving. If you don't eat solid foods for seven days, your stomach may lose the habit of processing them.

    Chocolate mono diet. It goes without saying that this is dark chocolate, with no additives or fillers. Choosing this slimming method, you must take into account that you cannot sit on this diet for more than three days, as chocolate is washed down with coffee. In the case of cardiovascular diseases, this mono-diet is contraindicated.

    For breakfast and afternoon tea, they eat fifty grams of dark chocolate, washed down with natural coffee, for lunch - just coffee, and for dinner - twenty-five grams of chocolate.

    Mono-diet for porridge. This weight loss option is considered the mildest of all mono diets. Any porridge is chosen, steamed in hot water or soaked overnight and consumed throughout the day in five to six visits.

    Adjust the volume yourself to feel full. To reduce stress, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and include a vitamin complex in the diet.

    How to lose 7 kg in a week without diets

    Most big city residents are busy most of the day and there's no time for the gym. For them, several technological solutions have been developed that allow them to reduce weight without being restricted to food.

    7 kg slimming belt per week
    • Slimming belts of the following types:
    • Vibrating massage. This is one of the types of massagers, where muscle fatigue is reduced, tone and metabolic processes are stimulated, and lactic acid is removed. Can be worn with normal clothing and cannot be taken off during the day;
    • Sauna effect. The straps are made of a special material (most often neoprene), which creates a greenhouse effect when it comes into contact with human skin. As a result of its influence, the fat layer starts to melt. The effect will be more noticeable if this type of belt is used during exercise. The more you exercise, the more you sweat. It is noteworthy that not only the belts are made of this material, but also pants, shorts and excessive sleeves to correct certain areas of the body;
    • Myostimulant. The method consists of the action of electrical impulses on the nerve endings, causing the muscles to contract involuntarily. The advantage over other means is the ability to engage any muscle group by reinstalling the electrodes. Before buying such a serious unit, consult a cardiologist;
    • An affordable way to lose weight is chewing gum. A special chewing gum was invented. This innovation replaced the usual pills, teas and tinctures for weight loss. Manufacturers claim that L-carnitine, green tea, goji extract, acai extract, and African mango in this chewing gum are effective weight-loss aids. However, you should not rely completely and completely on advertising. Before buying a product, you need to weigh the pros and cons;
    • Slimming teas are based on laxatives and that is the only reason for weight loss, not for the effect on fat stores or reduced appetite. This is a very effective way to lose weight, you only need to use it without fanaticism, so as not to harm your health.

    More Effective Exercises

    Consolidating and maintaining the weight loss result is only possible with the help of constant physical exercise.

    In combination with special diets and products, you will have a beautiful body and maintain your health.

    7 kg weight loss exercises per week

    Here are some effective exercises to lose weight:

    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands at chest level, palms together. Bend your legs in a half squat while opening your arms to your sides so your shoulder blades come together. Alternately shift your body weight to your left and right legs. Increase exercise speed while maintaining balance;
    • Lean the front of your body forward. Make movements with your arms and legs, as if you were skating on ice;
    • Make a plank. In the jump, place your legs under your stomach and straighten your back;
    • Legs - Shoulder-width apart, arms bent at elbows, do a full squat and then lift up into a heel;
    • Place a step or just a stable roller in front of you and jump hard, alternating your left and right legs. In this case, the arms should be bent at the elbows.

    How to keep the result

    Make it a rule to weigh yourself once a week, at the same time, on an empty stomach. Record the result in a notebook to monitor the dynamics of your results. If you notice an increase in body weight, just adjust the menu.

    Make sure you eat three meals a day, as the body should receive the necessary energy charge and not starve for too long.

    Don't forget about physical activity, as playing sports will not only help you maintain your desired weight, but also keep your body fit and elastic. Everything in the diet must be balanced: vitamins, minerals and other useful substances.


    • First assessment, male, 54 years old:"In his youth he got involved in classic wrestling and weight lifting, and after dropping out of sports he reached 140 kg. Several times he resorted to a mono-diet with buckwheat porridge. It was difficult. survived 4 days, lost 5 kg. The next attempts were more successful. I continued for a week. Now I weigh 106 kg. "
    • Second evaluation, female, 28 years old:"After a difficult birth and hormonal therapy, I gained 35 kg. The effect of the diets evaporated within a month. soon. "